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Benchmarc™ (Patient Portal)

Benchmarc™ (Patient Portal) is an interactive webpage that helps patients learn about their condition, complete surveys to report their outcomes, and view their progress over time. It serves as the central hub for all inCytes patient interactions, providing patients with compelling reasons to first enroll, and continue to complete surveys throughout recovery.

How It Works:

1. Patients may first enter the Patient portal by email invitation, or by clicking an embedded link with the user's website.

2. Patients enroll by providing their name, contact details, and an electronic signature of consent.

3. Patients have the ability to select the preferred language of communication.

4. If the observational protocol warrants it, then patients will then be asked to complete a survey, often marking the baseline measurement of their outcomes.

5. Upon completion, the patient's results will be presented in a graph, where their results can be measured over time. All the images uploaded to the system during the case completion can be also found on the Personal Patient portal as a separate tab.

6. If a patient undergoes two or more treatments and involved in multiple cases at once, they have the ability to switch between cases at the portal and complete the surveys within one and the same account.

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Important information:
Regen Med uses Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) servers and architecture to ensure the physical security, redundancy, and other elements necessary to ensure the privacy and integrity of Personal Data. All personal information that is entered or uploaded during the completion of any survey is protected by AWS services.

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