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Patient Consent

Patients should expect to fill in both a patient consent form and Terms & Conditions form that must be submitted in order create an account and gain access to inCytes™. Failure to sign either form will prevent the inCytes™ account from being created.


When the patient completes registration, a button to view the signed patient consent form will be available within the patients’ dashboard. By clicking the “VIEW” button, the patient will be able to look through the consent form at any time and download it if needed.

Note: We currently offer a universal patient consent form for all inCytes™ patients. inCytes™ offers customizable Terms & Conditions for Circle Founders. Customizable Terms & Conditions allows additional documentation (in any language) to be uploaded to the inCytes™ system. If there ever needs to be a change in documentation provided in the circle, the founder may request a change.

Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

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