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Patient Self-Registration

Patients can use the self sign-up feature to create their account with inCytes™. This allows patients to sign-up with inCytes™ on their own time and become acclimated with the system.


How to use Self-Registration:

  1. The clinician creates a case, using the patient’s email address. The patient will receive an email containing the invitation link. Clicking this link will start the registration process.
  • Clinicians can set the preferred language of communication. The language chosen will be represented in the patients email.  
  1. A Circle invitation link can be produced by your Account Manager. The invitation link can be used anywhere and by anyone.
  • Patients will receive an additional step during registration if their clinician switched on 2FA for their patients. If 2Fa is enabled, the patient will have to verify their phone with inCytes™ to create their account.
  • Registration will start in the language set in the patient’s browser settings.

What to expect during registration (Patient’s view):

Note: If there is an issue where the patient is unable to complete their registration in one session, they will be able to use their invitation link (email or individual link) to jump back into the registation process.

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