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Product/Service Charges and Payment Terms

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The pricing for RegenMed Products and Services is provided below. See here and here for legal and non-legal definitions, respectively.


Initial Basic Circle
(no charge for sole practitioners)
Cases $5 each.
Subscription Months $35 each.
Clinical/Scientific Support Hours $150 each.
Technical Support Hours $75 each.
SMS Messaging
(See here for country-based Tiers)
Tier One: US $0.02 each.
Tier Two: US $0.05 each.
Tier Three: US $0.10 each.
Tier Four: US $0.18 each.
Other As specified in the SOW(s), typically based on Support Hours.


Sole Practitioner
(100 Cases, One Investigator, Six months)
(As detailed in relevant MSA and SOW)

Payment Terms

Payment Authorization All Products and Services Charges are to be paid through credit or debit card, or bank debit authorization.
Payment Due Case and SMS charges are collected at the end of the month in which they are created. Subscription Month charges are collected at the beginning of each month for which they are due. All other charges are due fifty percent (50%) upon execution of the relevant Statement of Work, and fifty percent (50%) sixty days thereafter.
Cancellation Sponsor may cancel at any time upon thirty days’ written notice. All Product and Service Charges incurred or committed to up to the expiration of such thirty-day notice period remain payable.
Currency United States dollars, or agreed-upon equivalent.
Taxes All VAT, sales and similar taxes for the account of Client.
Bank Fees All wire charges, currency conversion and other bank fees payable fifty percent (50%) by the Company and fifty percent (50%) by Client.
Billing Cycle The Company collects all unpaid Product and Service Charges accrued through the end of each calendar month within the first ten days of the following month, except for Subscription Month charges which are payable monthly in advance.
Bank Transfers Any payments made to the Company through bank transfers shall be made as follows, in all cases including the name of the Client and the SOW reference:
  • If to Regenerative Medicine LLC from within the United States:
    ABA no.: 052-001-633.   Account No.: 4460-0968-8951.  Account Name:  Regenerative Medicine LLC.
  • If to Regenerative Medicine LLC from outside of the United States:
    Swift Code:  BOFAUS3N. ABA Routing # 026009593.  Bank of America, N.A., 100 West 33rd Street New York, NY, U.S.A.  Account Name:  Regenerative Medicine LLC, Account Number 4460 0968 8951.
  • If to Regen Med Europe SLU:
    Banco Sabadell.  IBAN: ES76 0081 0202 1600 0177 9478 / BSAB ESBB.  Account name: Regen Med Europe S.L.

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