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Sponsorship / Sponsoring circles


Who is a sponsor?

It’s a user or non-user of inCytes financially responsible for funding subscriptions and cases.  

What benefits as a sponsor will I have?

Sponsor benefits include:

  • cost-efficient data collection
  • marketing and closer customer relations
  • more circles = more data, and more capabilities for aggregating, benchmarking, and comparing data, even across DIFFERENT Circles.

To monitor the statistics of allocated subscriptions and cases, go to the Account at the left navigation and find Circles I Sponsor.

How to sponsor users?

  • While inviting a new circle member, check the box Sponsored in the invitation modal and the subscription will be automatically assigned to this user.
  • To start/stop sponsoring the already existing inCytes user, please contact your Account manager.

To learn more information about billing, please check out our Billing section.

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