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Granting Access to Data for Service Providers

We have a flexible system of granting access to data for Service Providers. Select the option below that best meets your requirements:

Assigning Service Provider as a Main Delegate without accessing the Patient’s PI data

Use Case: 3rd party organization requires having limited access to the defined survey(s) in the case.  

Key aspects:

Assigning Service Provider as a Delegate + granting access to PI data

Use Case: Service Provider needs not only to complete the tasks, but to see patients’ PI data.  

Key aspects:

Assigning Service Provider as an Alternative Assignee

Use Case: When one task has two delegates: the main delegate and an alternative delegate, both having access to the task simultaneously. So, the Service Provider can assist the main assignee in completing the survey.  

Additionally, we can define how soon we want the task to appear within the task list for the Service Provider:

Key aspects:

Note: Alternative Assignee sees the Main Delegate in the task list
On the Task Detail Screen, both delegates are displayed

Global Access for Service Provider

Use Case: Service Provider needs access not only to the task to complete, but also to the data of the whole case.

Key aspects:

* READ-ONLY ACCESS: gives the ability to only review the case data without the ability to add/edit anything in the tasks NOT assigned to them

* READ AND WRITE: gives the ability to add/edit surveys with the case (similar to the investigator’s capabilities)

You can set different levels of access for one and the same service provider in different protocol versions.
You can give full “investigator’s” access for service provider to multiple accounts.

Contact your Account Manager to discuss the required level(s) of access for your Service Provider.

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