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How to Review My Protocol?

How to Review My Protocol? (from the Circle Perspective)

  1. Click Circles on the left, and select your Circle
  1. Scroll down and click ‘View Protocol’ - this will display all treatment phases and surveys within each treatment phase in your protocol
  1. Clicking the preferred survey will display its content to the right, which allows you to review each question in detail within any given survey


How to Review My Observational Protocol? (from the Case Perspective)

To review your protocol in your Circle, you can create your first test case.

  1. Clicking on the newly created test case on the Case Overview page will bring you to the Case Detail page.
  1. Scroll down and find the Patient Progress section, where you can view:

a. Treatment phases and surveys within each phase

b. Survey delegates

c. Survey due/expiration dates

d. Task IDs (each survey becomes a task when being assigned to a delegate, and is assigned its own ID)

  1. To review a particular survey, click on the preferred survey in the list, and review the content displayed to the right:

If you wish to make adjustments to the observational protocol, please contact your Account Manager. For more information regarding revisions, please click here.

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