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Reading Cohorts


You can add and compare no more than 4 cohorts on one graph of the Report. Each cohort marked its color and has a corresponding line of the same color on the graph. inCytes uses 4 colors for cohorts:  

  • blue (My Patients by default)
  • black (All Circle Patients by default)
  • green
  • grey

So, if you delete a cohort, the line with the same color disappears from the graph.

Tip: Hover your mouse over a circle on the required line on the graph and there will appear the pop-up with the following info:

  • Cohort name
  • The info on whether the cohort refers to all circle patients or only your patients
  • The result for the particular time period (you can find the time on the X-axis)
  • The number of cases that meet the cohort criteria

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