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Subscription - authorized access to the inCytes™ platform. Each member requires a subscription, their subscription can be funded/self-funded  by a Circle Funder.

Subscriptions are prorated, pre-paid 1 month upfront and cancellable at any time.

Monthly cost of a Subscription is $35 per Circle Member/ Team Member, or portion thereof.
Currently, we offer our clients Pay as You Go Plan that means that all of the allocated subscriptions will be billed upon at the end of the billing period.

If you are a funded user, your subscription will be automatically applied after accepting the Circle invitation.  

Scheduling a Subscription:

Funded by a Circle Funder: Your Account Manager sets the expiration date for the whole Circle. Thus the subscription expiration date will automatically be applied to all the funded users (new and existing) once changed.

Individual/ self-funded Subscribers: expiration date applied individually by your Account Manager according to the signed agreement.

Allocating Subscriptions to Other Users

You can’t be a Funder of the Subscriber who already has an active subscription. The funding Circle must stop funding this subscriber before assigning a new subscription.

To start/stop funding the already existing inCytes user, please contact your Account Manager.

Trial Period:

>Trial period by default=30 days, starting from the Registration date of the Funder.  

The trial period can be extended according to the signed agreement.

The free trial includes:  

Sending SMS is not available during the trial period.

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