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Subscription - authorized access to the inCytes™ platform. Each member requires a subscription, their subscription can be self-funded or sponsored by a Circle Sponsor.


Subscriptions are month-to-month and are cancellable at any time. If you are a sponsored user, your subscription will be automatically applied.

If you’re a sponsor, you can select the preferred payment plan:

  • Pre-payment Plan (Full/Partial Pre-payment)
    • Pre-pay for the subscriptions at the beginning. However, this plan doesn’t limit the sponsor to add more subscriptions over the prepaid allocated number. Extra subscriptions will be tracked and billed at the end of the billing period.
  • Pay as You Go Plan
    • All of the allocated subscriptions will be billed upon at the end of the billing period.

After defining the payment plan, your Account Manager will set the expiration date for your circle. The subscription expiration date will automatically be applied to all sponsored users (new and existing) once changed.

How to allocate subscriptions to other users?

  • While inviting a new Circle member (link How to invite a new circle member), check the box ‘Sponsor User?’ in the invitation and the subscription will be automatically assigned to this user.
  • To start/stop sponsoring the already existing inCytes user, please contact your Account Manager.

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