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Creating a New Case

Cases are created when a patient is assigned a particular observational protocol, sponsor, and Circle. The case will last until the last survey in the observational protocol is complete. Data will be available immediately following the completion of each survey and always accessible to the observational protocol prescriber.

1. Select ADD CASE on the Case Overview Screen or New Case on the left navigation bar.

2. Enter the sponsoring (Primary*) Circle, which will automatically apply the observational protocol within that Circle.

*Primary Circle is the Circle which sponsors the case, while Secondary Circle/s are the one/s to which you may want to share the de-identified data.

3. Use Advanced Case settings* to adapt the case to your needs.

*You can enter the date either by typing the date or by clicking on the small calendar icon that is on the right of the "Date of Birth" field and selecting the required date.
The date format is localized according to the
user's local settings.

*Patient Emails/Send Registration Email: this option will send the registration email to your just added patient. This option is on by default. If you want to save your patient from unnecessary emails, switch this toggle off.

Note: if you switched off sending the registration email while creating a case and for some reason changed your mind and want to invite your patient to the portal, you can resend the invitation to them. As soon as the RESEND INVITATION button is pressed, the patient will immediately get the registration email and the email with his first survey (if it’s due).

*Case Commencement Date/ Treatment Date: define by yourself when the treatment starts (in the past, today, or tomorrow), so all the due dates/expiration dates for follow-ups will be recalculated. This feature can be useful when you need some time between an appointment and the real treatment starting date (e.g., waiting for patient consent).

*Edit Survey Completion Date: you can allow or not to edit the completion date of the survey.

*Secondary Circle: defines the Circles with whom you'd like to share Circle data. Please be aware, these Circles must have the same root observational protocol.

4. Select an existing patient, or if new, enter the patient's email address.

Patients will typically enter their own personal information when registering, but if you would like to do so here, please select Show Personal Information, where you can fill in a patient’s first name, middle name, last name, country, mobile phone, birthdate and PI region, where you prefer to store the patient's information.

5. Click CREATE CASE when done.

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