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Export Report

The Export Report function provides access to your detailed data for further analysis through a report in Excel format.

How to Export a Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select the preferred report in your Saved Reports list (or click + BUILD REPORT to build a new one) and click EDIT at the top right of the screen
  1. To make sure the latest data is included in your report, click the Refresh icon at the top right of the screen
  2. Once the report has opened, click the Download Report icon in the top right corner.
  1. Open the document on your device with a program supporting .xlsx format

How to Read the Exported Report

You can adjust the data ownership level for Circle Admin and Circle members to make PI data visible/non-visible in the exported Excel report.

In the Excel report, you’ll find the information on each case selected in the Cohort (1 tab= 1 cohort), and a tab with the Legend to understand the report.

Cohort tab includes:
  ● Case-related (general) info:

*the visibility depends on the data ownership settings

  ● Survey-related info (the information for each survey):

Example: S217QT1Q569, where

  S217 - Survey title (“Demographic and Diagnostic Survey”)
  QT1 - Single selection question
  Q569 - question “Smoking status?”

Legend contains:

  ● Date when the report was exported
  ● Circle name
  ● Protocol name
  ● Total number of cases- information of the archived and empty cases (with no answers in the surveys) is not included in the statistics
  ● Total Data Points - archived and empty cases are not included in the statistics

The Legend information is presented into three columns:

  1. Key to the “Cohort” tabs, where:

  ● S - number of a Survey

S217 Diabetic Foot Syndrome Pre-Treatment Demographic and Diagnostic Survey

  ● QT - Question Type number (the number is static):

  ● Q№ (Q- 962) - the question

  1. Values: Survey names, Question names, Question types related to the corresponding keys above
  2. Additional Information: indicates the units of measurements for the related question
Q190 Wound length? Centimeters

For Circle Administrators:

Circle Administrators have access to full Circle data, which means they will get data collected by all Сircle members within the Сircle. Additionally, their report will contain the full list of questions and PROMs, which may be customized for each specific Сircle member.

Circle Administrators have the ability to download the Circle’s full raw data export from the Circle Details Screen. This export contains all Circle data with no cohort division.

To download the full raw export:

  1. Navigate to Circles and select the preferred Circle from the list
  1. Click FULL RAW EXPORT at the top right of the Circle Overview Screen
  1. Open the document on your device with a program that supports .xlsx format

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