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How to Resend a Survey Reminder to a Patient?

All overdue tasks (surveys) are marked red in the Task list, so you can easily recognize who of your patients/delegates haven’t completed the survey yet.

To improve patient compliance, you can resend survey reminders from your task list, task detail screen or case detail screen.

No more than 2 reminders in 2 hours are allowed.

Method 1: From Your Task List

  1. Navigate to the Tasks and click three dots next to the required task  
  1. Select Resend Reminder  

You can get to your Tasks list right from your Dashboard by clicking VIEW ALL at the top right of the My Tasks field

Method 2: From the Task Detail Screen

  1. Go to the Tasks and select the required one from the list
  1. Click RESEND REMINDER at the top right of the Task Detail Screen

Method 3: From the Case Detail Screen

  1. Navigate to Cases and select the required one from the list
  1. In the Patient Progress field, click RESEND REMINDER under the required survey  

You can also email your patients to remind them of a survey due.

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