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Registering a Patient

Enroll your patients once and improve their treatment for a lifetime.

1. Select Patients in the navigation bar on the left

2. Click +ADD PATIENT at the top right of the screen

3. Enter the required information:

4. Click SUBMIT and the patient will immediately receive an email invitation to sign up for a Benchmarc™, the Personal Patient Portal.

Note: If a patient is interrupted during the registration process and does not successfully complete registration, they will be able to complete it anytime they try to access Benchmarc™.

Patient emails, including invitations to register and reminders for survey completion, now come in engaging HTML formats. The improved design will automatically incorporate your profile branding/logos, making your emails appear as if they came from your own practice and ultimately contributing to their performance and improved patient experience.

Pending Patients

In your Patient list, you can monitor whether a patient successfully enrolled or not.

If the status of the patient is “Pending”, you can resend your invitation by:

  1. Selecting Patients in the navigation bar to the left
  2. Clicking the three dots next to the required patient
  3. Selecting Resend Invitation


  1. Select Cases
  2. Select the required case
  3. Click RESEND INVITATION at the top of the screen

You can also add a new patient directly while creating a new case.

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