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Selecting Server for PI data

Can I define the default country/region for storing patients’ PI data for my Circle?

Note: this setting available only for Circle administrators  

Yes. Circle administrators can define which server will be set as a default for storing Patient’s PI data, including all answers to PI questions, once an investigator is creating a new case for this Circle. At the moment, you can select the following options/servers for your Circle:  

➢   USA
➢   CA (Canada)
➢   Investigator’s (matches the investigator’s setting)

To define the PI server for your Circle:  

1. Navigate to Circles and select the required one from the list
2. Click EDIT
3. At the bottom of the Edit Circle modal, select the required Patients' PI Data Storage

4. To restrict your Circle members to change the server for another one, switch on the toggle Required.

➢   Self-enrollment patient registered in the Circle with ‘Investigator’s PI Data Storage’ has the Circle founder’s PI Region.
➢   Self-enrollment patient registered in the Circle with defined PI Region Storage stores data on the corresponding region.
➢   Already registered patients store the data independent of the Circle settings.

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