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Patient Communication

Each customer can request their own-designed email templates, SMS messages and Benchmarc™ notifications in any of the system supported languages, or leave our default system templates.

Email Templates

Patient emails, including invitations to register and reminders for survey completion, now come in engaging HTML formats. The improved design will automatically incorporate your profile image and logos, making your emails appear as if they came from your own practice, and ultimately contributing to patient compliance and improved patient experience.

We support customization of:

● Patient Enrollment Email - sent to the patient after investigator creates a case (unless the commencement date was changed)

Our default system invitation email is the following:

Subject: Share and Monitor Your Health Progress with {{TeamName}}

Email Body: {{TeamName}} would like to monitor your health progress using a secure, free and easy to use application. You will be able to report and visualize your own progress over time, which may help you and your healthcare team achieve an improved outcome.


Benefits of Enrollment Include:

  • Simple, easy-to-complete health surveys available on your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Personalized homepage with reminders, messages and results reported by your healthcare professional.
  • Live reporting of your relevant case information including health scores, images and/or treatment information.

Please direct all questions or comments to your healthcare provider. Replies to this email will not be seen.

This is how your patients receive it:

Data that can be pulled from your profile to the email template: Investigator’s First Name and Last Name, Credentials, Team Name,  Link to the Patient Portal, Background Image, Logo, Patient’s PI data (answers given to PI questions within a survey)

● Patient Survey Reminder (can be specified for each follow up delegated to a patient)  - sent when the survey due date comes to remind a patient to complete the survey/task.

Our default survey reminder:

Subject: {{TeamName}} Asks You To Submit Your Progress Update

Email body: Your healthcare team requests you to submit your health questionnaire. This measurement is important and will help you and your healthcare team better understand your health and progress after treatment, giving you all valuable information on the road to optimal recovery. Please click the link below, and follow the onscreen instructions to log in and submit your health status.


Please direct all questions or comments to your healthcare provider.  

Replies to this email will not be seen.

Data that can be pulled from your profile to the email template: Investigator’s Last Name, First Name, and Credentials; Patient’s Case Id, Link to the Patient Portal , Background Image, Logo, patient’s PI data (answers given to PI questions in the survey)

Email from Patient’s View:

Enabling Patient Emails:

To halt email reminders for any patient, simply remove the email address from the case info.

● Text Patient Survey Reminder - a duplicate reminder for an ordinary survey reminder which is sent to the patient manually. The text will be automatically uploaded along with your email client and can be edited there

SMS messages

● SMS Patient Survey Reminder [read more: SMS Patient Communications] - an SMS survey reminder that is sent to the mobile phone of the patient on the survey due date in addition to the email survey reminder.

Data that can be pulled from your profile to the SMS message: Investigator’s last name, Survey title, and link to the due survey

Our standard SMS message:

Enabling SMS Reminders:

Enabling SMS will automatically apply to all of your cases and patients.

Benchmarc™ notifications

Benchmarc™ notifications - alerts which fall on the patient's homepage dashboard after the particular trigger (event)
 Patients will receive notifications that look and feel like their healthcare provider is reaching out to them. The goal is to bring more "life" into clinician-patient communication
 Patients receive notifications in their preferred language set on the personal patient portal

Here are our default notifications:

Case Created Welcome to Benchmarc™, the application that helps you and your doctor monitor your recovery. Please regularly check your email and/or phone for reminders to complete surveys and review your progress.
Case Closed Your case has been closed, but you can return to review these results at any time.
Survey Due A new survey is available for you! It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. This will ensure that we get the relevant information about your recovery progress.
Survey Overdue You are past due on a survey, which is important to track your progress. Please complete it today, as you will lose access to the survey in a few days.
Survey Completed You have new results on your recovery. Click above for more details
New Image You have a new image available. Please click the button above to review
New Document A New Document has been added. Please click above for more details.
New Score You have a new score available. Please click the button above to see your results.
Consent Signed Access your signed Consent form here.

How they look on the patient portal, Benchmarc™:

Notifications sending

During investigator's sign up process, a closest time zone is being assigned within inCytes™. That time zone is used for sending:

Reminder messages sending starts from 8 AM according to selected Time Zone:

Note: Team member has the same time zone as the subscriber

Selected time zone affects only email and SMS messages time sending excluding Registration email where Commencement is Today. If the commencement date is not Today, then reminders are sent starting from 12 AM of that day in accordance to previously assigned Time Zone Zone.

Here is more information about customizing your Circle and Profile.

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